Monday, September 17, 2012

Morning room window treatments??

I am still undecided about how I am going to dress the morning room windows??  I have seen a few variations in Ryan home models.  The model in this community uses valances.  The community down the road uses curtains.  See examples below:

I not so sure I like the little dinky curtain rods.  The problem with the valances is the patio door.  Can't put a valance over that.  So put valances over the other windows and nothing over the patio door??  Ladies and gents too, please help!  I don't want to cover these windows up because I love the natural light but leaving them bare just doesn't seem right either.  What have you done in the morning room??

Patio door and other morning room windows:

A few issues

Congrats to everyone who has recently closed!! Also to the new bloggers, welcome! I apologize for not posting any pics yet but the furniture company has thrown me a curveball.  In April, my husband and I picked out furniture for the morning room and family room.  In July, some of the furniture was delivered.  Keep in mind we also purchased and had delivered two other rooms of furniture in the meantime.  In late August we were getting rather irritated and had to continuously call them to find put when the rest of the furniture would be delivered.  Long story short, the accent chairs we picked out to go on either side of the fireplace were discontinued.  What!?!  What if we hadn't called, how long would they have waited to tell us??  Since then I have looked at 10,000 chairs and haven't seen any that I really like.  Time is not on my side either.  My son plays football, husband coaches and I'm in my final semester before graduation in December.  Free time?? I have no concept of those words right now.  I was waiting for the accent chairs before I picked out window treatments, rug, and the wall decorations.  Now I'm in a holding pattern and I don't like it.

What I can show for now is my most favorite piece, the server in the morning room...

And here is the sectional in the family room...

I'll post pics of the bedrooms and media room later.