Monday, September 17, 2012

Morning room window treatments??

I am still undecided about how I am going to dress the morning room windows??  I have seen a few variations in Ryan home models.  The model in this community uses valances.  The community down the road uses curtains.  See examples below:

I not so sure I like the little dinky curtain rods.  The problem with the valances is the patio door.  Can't put a valance over that.  So put valances over the other windows and nothing over the patio door??  Ladies and gents too, please help!  I don't want to cover these windows up because I love the natural light but leaving them bare just doesn't seem right either.  What have you done in the morning room??

Patio door and other morning room windows:


  1. Roman shades might be an option if you are trying to go for the most amount of light and a slim look.

  2. Hi TeamMom23,

    If I am accurate, the last picture in your blog post is exactly like your morning room!?? If so, I love the idea of keeping that beautiful arched transom uncovered as the focus of the room and use window treatments for the other windows and patio door. I feel the same way you do about the natural lightening. I don't like the short rods in the picture either. They look weird cut short. I would have chosen a longer rod for the entire window and keep them open throughout the day and when I want privacy I would close them up. Once I am absolutely clear about the theme for each room with the color palette I will chose the appropriate blinds for the other rooms in the house. I don't think I am going to use valances for the same reason I described above, if I decide I want privacy, I can at least close the drapes. In the meantime, I would take a picture of your morning room which is absolutely beautiful and visit Next Day blinds for design ideas and splurge in this room only since they are pricey. I have already decided I will use Next Day Blinds for the morning room, my study and bathroom window.

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    1. Another thought since your morning room has that large beautiful window: the valances are not a bad idea and you could use roman shades or blinds for the patio door since it is set off to the side from the windows.

  3. I would build and install valances on the lower windows while keeping the arched window open. I may even add dimensional shades to the windows that will be hidden by the valances.

  4. Hi Team Mom were building a Jefferson as well. I n fact we are supposed to close next Friday at 9AM. My wife and I are not going to paint before we move in were going to paint one room at a time after we move in and have some time to think about a color scheme. In regards to our morning room our initial thought is to no put any covering on the morning room windows becaue we have a wooded area bordering our lot. But I do like those long drapes in the pictures. Regarding the rest of the windows we have purchased the temporary redi-shades to hang until we pait each room and hang a more permanant covering has well

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  6. You have such a beautiful house. You designed the other rooms gorgeously. I wouldn't wonder if you design the remaining others just as great. Anyway, for your patio door, I would suggest that you use curtains. You can leave it open during the day to let the natural light come in, and close it when you need privacy.

    Leif Clancy