Monday, October 22, 2012

My two cents on the Jefferson Square

A new model, Jefferson Square, just opened up in a Ryan community not far from us.  I was very excited to go see in person what the new "improvements" to the layout were.  All I can say is Thank God we picked the Jefferson.  When we signed our contract last December, our SR told us about the Jefferson Square and said if we were interested we could get it.  I reviewed the floor plan at that time and was not interested and now after seeing it in person, further confirmed I made the right decision.  Issues I noticed: the lack of windows in the family room, the smaller kitchen, smaller formal dining room, smaller formal living room, no vaulted ceiling in the morning room or the master, smaller bedrooms, no double door closet in any of the other bedrooms, hall bathroom on a weird angle, smaller basement.  While the downfalls are numerous, there were a few good things: more windows in the master bedroom, shower in master bath has two shower heads, larger office space.  There are two walk-in closets in the master, which would normally be a good thing but these walk-ins are on a weird angle making any sort of custom shelving design near impossible and downright awkward, and if you like the laundry on the 2nd floor then this would be a plus.  I thought I would prefer 2nd floor laundry until one, I heard how the spin cycle shakes and rattles the entire house, and two my muddy, filthy boys come home from football practice and need to strip down and put those clothes immediately into the washing machine (and they wash up in the laundry sink).  Could you imagine them walking all the way upstairs with those clothes, dripping mud and who knows what all over the place??? Or even worse, they use the kitchen sink to wash up in.....OMG I cringe just thinking about it....

Overall I was shocked at the differences.  It will be interesting to see how long it will be before Ryan will make changes.  I can't imagine it will be as popular as the original Jefferson.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wireless keypad for garage door

Has anyone added a wireless keypad to their garage door opener??  After a quick google search it appears to be fairly simple to install and cost about $30.  I wish the one that you get from Ryan had this feature but it doesn't.  I now fully understand why some people elect to get there own garage door opener after closing.

Newest additions to the morning room

The morning room is nearly finished.  Thanks for all of the suggestions about window treatments, I'm think I have made up my mind but haven't found what I'm looking for just yet mainly because I have not had much time for shopping.  Here are the latest updates, rug and 4-tier shelf in corner.  The rug really makes a big difference.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Morning room window treatments??

I am still undecided about how I am going to dress the morning room windows??  I have seen a few variations in Ryan home models.  The model in this community uses valances.  The community down the road uses curtains.  See examples below:

I not so sure I like the little dinky curtain rods.  The problem with the valances is the patio door.  Can't put a valance over that.  So put valances over the other windows and nothing over the patio door??  Ladies and gents too, please help!  I don't want to cover these windows up because I love the natural light but leaving them bare just doesn't seem right either.  What have you done in the morning room??

Patio door and other morning room windows:

A few issues

Congrats to everyone who has recently closed!! Also to the new bloggers, welcome! I apologize for not posting any pics yet but the furniture company has thrown me a curveball.  In April, my husband and I picked out furniture for the morning room and family room.  In July, some of the furniture was delivered.  Keep in mind we also purchased and had delivered two other rooms of furniture in the meantime.  In late August we were getting rather irritated and had to continuously call them to find put when the rest of the furniture would be delivered.  Long story short, the accent chairs we picked out to go on either side of the fireplace were discontinued.  What!?!  What if we hadn't called, how long would they have waited to tell us??  Since then I have looked at 10,000 chairs and haven't seen any that I really like.  Time is not on my side either.  My son plays football, husband coaches and I'm in my final semester before graduation in December.  Free time?? I have no concept of those words right now.  I was waiting for the accent chairs before I picked out window treatments, rug, and the wall decorations.  Now I'm in a holding pattern and I don't like it.

What I can show for now is my most favorite piece, the server in the morning room...

And here is the sectional in the family room...

I'll post pics of the bedrooms and media room later.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer storms = Power outage

Well so much for enjoying the first weekend in the new house.  Severe storms came through Friday night and the power was out until Sunday.  Had to throw out all of the food that was in the refrigerator, had the alarm go off and not be able to stop it because the keypad was dead, the ice left in the ice maker melted and left a pool of water on the kitchen floor, it was crazy!  It was a real learning experience, coming from our townhouse where the power was never off for more than 2 hours in the past 6 years of living there, I am now suddenly in the market for a generator.  Any tips?

Friday, June 22, 2012


We have signed the dotted line (many of them) and the keys are ours!  The process went very smooth.  Afterwards, we made a visit to the furniture store and our bedroom set will be delivered tomorrow?  Wow, we were not expecting that fast of a delivery but we'll take it!! Still need to purchase a mattress so we'll have to get that accomplished tomorrow too. Things are moving fast and furious now.  I'll post pics hopefully over the next few days as things are moved and furniture delivered.  Exciting times!