Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh my stakes!

Decided to drive by after work and we have stakes in the ground!  Who would have ever thought that an over-sized popsicle stick would be so exciting??  Took a few pictures, even though it was getting dark...

The next door neighbors lot is moving right along.  The basement had been poured so at least now I have an idea what mine will look like.  Wednesday is the day digging is supposed to begin but there is a 80% chance of rain so that doesn't sound too good.  I won't have a chance to do a drive by again until Friday so until then......


  1. I'm hoping DH can go by the lot today to see if there are stakes. We are also supposed to begin digging on Wednesday and also have a 70% chance of rain. Hopefully, the rain will hold off for both of us and digging can begin!

  2. My fingers are crossed! I'll keep you all in my thoughts!