Monday, February 13, 2012

Start Date

Being patient is not one of my strong suits.  We had our pre-construction meeting 3 weeks ago and digging has not yet begun.  Today is supposed to be our "Start Date" but I have heard nothing yet.


  1. If there is any consulation, maybe it would be a good time to make any changes yoyu may have mulled over but did not do. One thing is for sure once they start the time flies. Our neighbors house was just a slab 30 days ago now that home is near completion. A home in back of us did not even have a foundation it now has the wrapping on the framing, Its amazing.

  2. Thanks, I was more frustrated about not knowing anything. I heard from our PM today and things are on track to start on Monday. I am so excited to see what we have done on paper actually become a reality.