Thursday, March 29, 2012


We have windows and a front door (sitting in the garage)!  We haven't been able to make it out to the house since Monday but this is what we saw then:

I'll be able to stop by tomorrow during the day to check on things and see what progress has been made.  I except to see shingles on the roof, hopefully.  Our Guardian meeting is next week and brick is also on the schedule.  I noticed mortgage rates fell under 4.0 and was VERY excited.  Hopefully they stay there until we can lock in (fingers crossed)!


  1. Looks great! They've made a lot of progress!

  2. We're watching the rates as well. We're under 60 days til our expected delivery date, but we don't have a settlement date yet. Your house is looking great!

  3. Looks awesome! I regret not doing those french doors in the morning room, it definitely adds something.

    Rachel were in the same boat, its nerve racking. Our pre drywall was supposed to be today, but hvac failed inspection due to some dinged duct unit. so look like its pushed to mon or tues which is when youre released to lock in. Grrrr --Ericka

  4. We've been in our Jefferson for a year this month :)

    I will say one of my biggest pet peeves is the placement of some of the light switches and switched outlets! If you haven't already signed on those, pay extra attention. The switch in our bedroom literally JUST clears the door. So when you walk in, you kind of have to reach around still to turn on the light. I also hate the switched outlet in the living room. It's right when you walk in the living room from the foyer. I would never put a lamp there. It would impede traffic into the room. Not sure if they are always wired the same, but those are the ones that stand out. Oh, and I wish we had a switch to the garage outside lights either in the laundry room, or by the front door.

    Lots of things we would have done differently in retrospect, but we do love the house :)