Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wow....2 days later

Framing actually began on Tuesday and this is how far things have come.....48 hours later


  1. Yay! just go ahead and move on in, tell them to work around you! You have a top on the first floor thats all you need, LOL --Ericka

  2. Isn't amazing how quickly it all goes together?

    @Erica - I had to make myself leave last Friday when we were walking around our first floor!

    1. It is crazy how some wooden sticks & boards can make you so excited...what are you guys doing with regards to inspectors? Most people recommend having a 3rd party come through.

  3. LOL, all I need is a sleeping bag and a pillow and I'm set! It's so incredible the number of feelings you experience and how your imagination is just going crazy about how things will look. I'm so happy for all of us!! Closing time will be here before you know it.