Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brick + Stone = happy homeowners

Stopped by after work to see the stone work and I really love it!  I had been a little anxious about how the final product would come together and I'm so happy with the result.  Looking forward to the red door and the final shutters being added (window above the front door).  Garage door has been installed and our faux granite countertops were sitting in the garage.  Eventually I want to replace these with something, probably not granite because I'm not interested in the maintenance but some sort of hard surface.  What I am really looking forward to is the under mount sink, not a fan of the drop in but again this is something that will be done next year or even the year after that.  It's not a high priority on the list for furniture, patio, and fence are first.

I received a warm welcome to the neighborhood by fellow blogger Rosita!  It was so nice of her and her family to stop by and introduce themselves.  So far everyone I have met has been very welcoming and nice.  I'm so happy to have great neighbors and a great neighborhood!

Next up on the schedule is cabinets that are scheduled to arrive on the 24th. 

Here are a few pics:


  1. Looking great girl! And love those counters, they look kind of familiar :)