Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was extremely happy to see our kitchen is taking shape.  Cabinets are in, double oven is in and so beautiful, one of the countertops is in, floor is in....it all was breathtaking.  The dishwasher is sitting in the morning room for now.  Crown molding is up in some of the rooms, doors has been installed in most rooms, the railings are sitting in the living room for now so I am assuming those will be in this week.  It's all really coming together so well.  

Cell phone pics (while eating an ice cream cone) not the best but all I have for now.....

Floor (kitchen, morning room, laundry room):



Master bath cabinets:

Crown Molding in foyer:

Guest bath:


  1. Looking sexy! This part can be so exciting and torturous at the same time!

  2. Everything looks great. Love the crown molding in the foyer. This is about what stage our house will be in when we visit on Friday.

  3. Ohhh we're getting crown molding in the foyer, too-exciting to see what it looks like since I don't remember in the model. Looking great!